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"One of the country's finest small meat processing plants in one of it's smallest towns!"



       Jay and Paulette have operated Bergen Meats since 1979.  They started out processing beef and hogs and after a few years started making and selling their own sausages. 


Stop In!

       Our store is located in Bergen, Minnesota.  Bergen is located between Windom and Jackson 1 mile off of Highway 71.  It is a short jaunt from Windom (10 minutes) and from Jackson (15 minutes). Driving Directions
53948 900th Street Windom, MN 56101

 Monday thru Friday: 
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and
1:00 PM to 5:30 PM

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Send us E-mail!             Our E-mail address  You can use this to send us your comments, concerns or any questions you might have.  We enjoy receiving E-mail!
Give us a call!        We have two phone numbers for your convenience.  The Windom area phone number is (507) 831-4670 and is our main phone.  The Jackson area phone number is (507) 847-5319


       Bergen Meats has been a member of the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) since 1985.  AAMP is North America's largest meat trade organization boasting more than 1,800 medium-sized and smaller meat, poultry and food businesses.  Members are from the U.S., Canadian provinces and a few foreign countries. 

       Bergen Meats is also a member of the Minnesota Association of Meat Processors (MAMP).  MAMP is a tri-state meat trade organization and serves Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. 

       Jay and Paulette enter products each year during the MAMP convention held in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and they enter products during the AAMP convention when they can afford to get away from the store. They have also entered products in the Minnesota State Fair, denoted as Fair below.  All product entries are judged on the basis of aroma, flavor, eye appeal, shape and texture.

 First Place 

 Second Place 

Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion
2002 Boneless Ham MAMP 2003 Bone In Ham MAMP
2001 Ham MAMP 1997 Ham MAMP
1994 Dried Beef MAMP 1995 Boneless Ham MAMP
1992 Ground & Formed Beef Jerky MAMP 1994 Bone In Ham AAMP
1991 Weiners MAMP 1994 Summer Sausage AAMP
1989 Ham MAMP 1994 Boneless Ham MAMP
1987 Summer Sausage MAMP 1993 Bone In Ham MAMP
1986 Ham MAMP 1992 Ham Fair
1992 Summer Sausage Fair
  Third Place  1991 Jellied Roast Beef MAMP
Champion 1991 Bone In Ham MAMP
2003 Semi-Boneless Ham AAMP 1989 Polish MAMP
1998 Ham MAMP 1988 Fresh Brats MAMP
1997 Bacon MAMP 1987 Dried Beef MAMP
1993 Dried Beef


1984 Dried Beef MAMP
1990 Ham MAMP
1988 Smoked Brats MAMP
1988 Polish MAMP  Fourth Place 
1986 Miscellaneous Specialty MAMP Reserve Champion
1985 Summer Sausage MAMP 2002 Bone In Ham MAMP
1985 Dried Beef MAMP 1996 Boneless Ham MAMP
1983 Polish MAMP 1994 Smoked turkey MAMP
1980 Bacon MAMP 1991 Bone In Ham AAMP

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