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Snack Sticks

We have a flavor for everyone:

Honey Ham
Sweet Garlic Onion
Jalapeno Cheese
Philly Cheese Steak

Beef Jerky


We have 2 kinds of jerky:

Old Fashioned
Ground & Formed Jerky Strips

Summer Sausage

1994 National Reserve Grand Champion (2nd place). Made with lean beef and pork, you’re sure to love our summer sausage!  Made with the best seasonings and the right amount of mustard seed.


Our Wieners are made the old fashioned way – with the skin on.  We use the finest beef; pork and spices as well as take time to hand link the sausage ourselves.  Vacuum packed in packages of 8, 10, and 12 to seal in the freshness.  Perfect for the grill or microwave.


Our Brats are made with lean pork and come fully cooked.  Pop them on the grill or microwave and top with sauerkraut.  Vacuum packed in packages of 4 and 6.


Ring Bologna

Try bologna the traditional way – in a ring!  Makes a great, fast supper!  Heat and eat or slice and fry with potatoes and onions. Yum! Made with the finest beef and pork.

Maple Sausage

Want to try something new for breakfast?  Then try our Maple Sausage, which comes in a traditional rope style.  Cut into perfect sized pieces for your family.

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