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Dried Beef
Our Dried Beef is made from the finest lean beef rounds that have been cured, pressed and smoked to perfection.  Great sandwich meat!

$9.00 per pound

Cured with our special brine and slow smoked over hickory to give it great flavor, you’ll join our many customers who love our bacon. We sell only the leanest, best bacon.

$4.59 per pound

Cottage Bacon


$4.29 per pound

Sliced Boneless Ham

$4.40 per pound

Ham Roasts


$2.69 - $2.99 per pound

Boneless Ham-Whole


$3.80 per pound

Semi Bone-In Ham-Whole


$2.89 per pound

Ham Slices


$3.20 per pound

Smoked Turkey Breast


$2.89 per pound

**All prices are subject to change, please contact us to obtain current prices.**




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